Blog Guidelines

The purpose of The Caponigro Communique is to communicate with one another and share ideas/ learning with each other.  I encourage all readers to connect with each other through commenting.  To ensure all student safety and privacy please follow the Blogging Guideline below:

  • Please use first names only when commenting.  Parents can identify themselves by their first name or as “so-and-so’s Mother”.
  • Never share personal information (your address, phone number, etc).
  • All comments submitted must be approved by Miss Caponigro.  Inappropriate writing will not be approved.
  • Comments should be thoughtful and polite and should relate to the topic.
  • Avoid texting shortcuts (“u” should be “you”) and always write in complete sentences.
  • Punctuate and capitalize properly.

Remember, commenting is a way to connect with the writer and other readers.  Here are some great tips on writing effective comments (adapted from here):

  1. Write your comment like a letter.  Be sure to include a greeting, some content, and a closing.
  2. Compliment the writer, ask questions, and add new information when possible.
  3. Stay on topic!  Write information relevant to the post.
  4. Read over the comment before replying.  Remember your grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be correct!

3 comments on “Blog Guidelines

  1. alycia says:

    Dear Ms.Caponigro,
    I love the new word ENTHUSIASTIC i think it is a nice word and it is new to me it is really exciting hearing about it it means to be eager and eager means excited and sometimes i get enthusiastic when i see my dad and that is a point that I get enthusiastic 😀 .
    From: alycia 😀

  2. jacqueline says:

    Dear miss. caponigro

    I love the word volunteering i think that the word is interesting and fun to say.I also think that volunteering is fun to do because you help people.

    from jacqueline

  3. Adan Martinez says:

    Hi Miss Caponigro;
    Answer back if we are doing the car wash today because it is raining a lot so please try to do answer back really fast if we are doing it. 🙂

    Your student

    Adan Martinez

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