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6 comments on “Contact Miss Caponigro

  1. Adan Martinez says:

    Hi Miss Caponigro :
    The spelling words for math were Mean,Median,Mode,Range,Minimum,and Maximums if the words are correct respond back. Something else put the words up here incase if someone forget it. Bye have a wonderful day. 🙂

    Your student
    Adan Martinez

  2. Astrid says:

    Hi Miss C. I was checking the website out and I really like. I think you should use it more often. 

  3. judy tran says:

    Hi Miss C. i really miss you i just wanted to tell you that i’m doing really well in math this year and it’s because of you so thank you Miss.C i miss you! And i hope to see you again someday.

    • Miss Caponigro says:


      I am so glad to see you are checking in on the Communique even though you are in middle school! Lots of changes have been happening at the McKinley. The fifth grade has all new classrooms. Come visit and we can talk math!

      Miss Caponigro

      • judy tran says:

        Dear Miss.Caponigro
        I miss you so much! I check the communique almost every week to see what you guys are doing in fifth grade.And I just found out that i got honor rolls! I wanted to say that i love math so much! And i will come and visit you sometime this month.

        Judy Tran

  4. Khristel says:

    Miss Caponigro you should put more weekly problems on your website and homework quizzes.

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