Math AIM Block Update

Once a week students at the McKinley recieve 40 minutes of targeted and tiered math instruction.  In grade 5 data that is collected through classwork, weekly homework quizzes, and various assesments allows me to put children into one of the three tiers of instruction and plan lessons to meet their needs.  The goal of the AIM block is to provide appropriate levels of support and challenge for your individual child.

Much planning time is dedicated to developing these groups and lessons and students who have taken these blocks seriously have gained confidence and content knowledge that carries into our regular math periods.

In an effort to hold students more accountable for participation and effort during these times, students will begin assessing their progress in these areas weekly.  The rubric they will use is as follows:  Math AIM Rubric

These weekly progress assessments will be counted as 5% of their third trimester grade.

Finally, beginning Monday, January 7th I will be available from 3:45-4:15 to discuss any questions regarding your child’s progress in math.  This Parent Check In Period will continue every Mondday for the month of January and February.  No appointment is necessary, just go to the main office and let them know you are in to see me.

Happy Friday!

Miss Caponigro