Peer Tutoring- Take 1!

Yesterday afternoon a group of 20 students stayed to particpate in my first session EVER of peer tutoring.  The idea came to me when I realized that many students can explain  math concepts to peers better than I can so I did a little reading about it and-Bam! Peer tutoring was born!

I matched pairs of students from across the homerooms to help each other practice math, revise homework quizzes, and build math friendships (awww, sweet right?!) 

The agenda for the sessions will change, but today we reviewed questions students got wrong on the  ANET test we took in October.  Since students have been reviewing these skills weekly there were great math conversations going on!

Here are a few snapshots of the session:




We have three weeks of sessions planned so far to test out the program.    I will be looking for feedback from tutors and parents.  Hopefully I will be able to expand the program soon!

What do you think the role of a peer tutor should be??